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Construction Barricades


  • 8’ Type III Barricade – Made from hollow core and plastic panels
  • 24” Type I Barricade – Made with ½” plywood, includes theft deterring bolt protectors
Sand Bags

Sand Bags

* Price does not include delivery

* Empty UV stabilized heavy duty

* Full UV stabilized bags

Construction Barrels

Traffic Barrels

* Stackable, anti-roll design with 4 stripes

* Uses rubber collars for ballast 

Traffic Cones


* Durable in hi-vis red/orange

* 18” high 3.5# cone

* 28” high 10# cone


Construction Barricades

Rigid Sign and “A” Stand

* Durable; folds compact for storage

* 48”x48” fluorescent sign

* A-Frame sign stand

Rigid Sign/ Green steel stand

Rigid Sign/ Green steel stand

* Signs are available in your choice of MUTCD legends.

* Add 15% for graphic signs.

* Steel is 2# per foot

Construction Barrels

Barrier Wall Bracket

* Bolts to Jersey Wall

* Panel (L or R) 12”x24”

* W/ light add

Arrow Boards

Arrow Boards/ Message Boards

Traffic & Safety Services also rents arrow boards and message boards in Belleville, Illinois and surrounding areas, including the St. Louis Metropolitan area, including Waterloo, Alton, Florissant, Glen Carbon, Mt. Vernon, and more. Please call us at 618-394-0400 for pricing information.